Parent-Led is now named Caregiver-Mediated Treatment.

This course can now be requested by selecting here

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Welcome to Catalight Classroom

Clinical education and training for the ASD/IDD field

About Our Courses

We have two types of courses, Certificate Courses and Continuing Education. Certificate Courses must be approved by CCS while Continuing Education courses are open to any clinician in the network. Each course type has different steps for completion.

Certificate Courses

 Step 1: Complete web-based training

Step 2: Attend Capstone Course

Step 3: Pass final exam

Step 4: Get certificate 

Step 5: If you want continuing education credit, complete the CE survey and receive CE certificate 

Step 6: Attend open-office hours as needed for ongoing clinical support

Continuing Education

Step 1: Attend web-based training

Step 2: Complete the CE survey

Step 3: Check email for CE certificate

If you would like to be registered for Clinician Certificate Course please request it here.